What is ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is a writing service in which somebody who has a message hires a professional writer to put that message into words.

Why do people hire ghostwriters?

Often because of time constraints. Sometimes you just need to hire a professional who is prepared to devote the time to the project to get it done correctly.

You might be a gifted speaker, a successful podcaster, or a compelling storyteller but lack the mechanical skills to write a book.

Is ghostwriting a legitimate way to write a book?

Absolutely. It will be your message, your voice, your research, your content, your idea. But while I am concentrating on whether to use “further” or “farther,” “toward” or “towards,” you can be doing what you do best, which is likely something else.

Will you correct my errors?

Unless you don’t want me to. Correcting errors while keeping your voice is a distinctive of my service.

I ramble. What will you do with that content?

Written messages are different than spoken messages. If your rambling is truly chit chat that does not lead the reader to your point, I’ll delete it. If it can be reorganized to lead the reader to a point, I’ll reorganize it. See the Before and After page for an example.

After you rework my message, do I get final say in the content?

Absolutely. It’s your book!

Our messages sometimes have Latin, Greek or Hebrew words in them. Will you know how to spell them?


How many sermons or podcasts do you need to make a book?

A book can be any length. Generally, if you have a sermon series, you have enough content for a book.

I have a story I want to tell, but I don’t have a podcast or anything recorded. What can I do?

Your smart phone has a recording feature. Get in a comfortable place and tell your story to your phone. Don’t worry about getting it right. Don’t edit yourself. Just tell your story. Stop and restart as often as you need to. I will clean all that up. Check out my memoir page for more information.

I wouldn’t know where to start.

I would be delighted to interview you and ask you guiding questions to draw your story out. Check out my memoir page for more information.

Are you a born-again Christian?

Yes. Your Christian message is as important to me as it is to you.

Are you one of those detail-oriented grammar nerds who is not happy until every detail is correct?


Do you sub this work out?

No, I do it myself.

Are you a native-English speaker?