Ben Everson,
Evangelist, Musician

If you want people to understand your thoughts, not just your words, you need a person who will comprehend the material and your flow of thought. THIS is what I appreciate about Cindy’s work!

Matt Montgomery
Midland Bible Church
Midland, Texas

Our ministry has been using Cindy for our transcription needs for years, and she has transcribed countless podcasts for us. She is very easy to work with, and her reasonable prices keep us coming back to her. She always finishes quickly and yet her attention to detail and the quality of the transcripts remain very accurate and easy to read. If you have any video or audio that needs transcribed, I highly recommend her transcription service.

Hermann Eben
GR8 Solutions Group

Cindy’s transcription skills are outstanding! She is transcribing some difficult audio between me and my co-host on our GR8 Relationships videos. It is difficult because we have a tendency to talk over each other! It is EXACTLY what I needed and excellent quality. It is clearly broken into both persons speaking. Again, just what we needed. God willing, her great skill will be blessing many people as these transcribed videos get translated into various languages to do voice-over for the videos.

Kylie Willis
NextStep Discipleship Ministries

I work for Tim Dunn, and am working on a project with all of the transcripts you have created for him. I just wanted to say thank you, you have done a wonderful job, and I really appreciate the quality work you have done. It certainly makes my job easier as I go through them to know and trust that someone has taken the care to ensure they have been done well.

Really appreciate it!

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